Welcome to Elite Medical Care (EMC), your reputable intermediary company for personal injury cases! 

We understand the complexities and challenges that come with navigating legal processes after sustaining personal injury. That is why we connect lawyers like you who are well-versed in personal injury cases because your skills and passion can help us in our daily mission in providing a speedy and quality experience for personal injury patients. 


In personal injury cases, lawyers face challenges such as finding qualified clients, managing caseloads, and juggling administrative tasks. 

At EMC, we understand that these challenges can be overwhelming, and we recognize the need for a reliable solution that simplifies your client acquisition process, maximizes your time, and unlocks your true potential as a legal professional. Our aim is to provide you with the support, resources, and opportunities you need to thrive in your legal career.

Why Choose EMC?
Your Payment Structure is Different
Other lawyers have it easy—they get clients to sign a retainer at intake covering their projected fees and then bill clients for their work as they go. Personal Injury attorneys, on the other hand, are like the stuntmen of the legal profession, taking on all the risk—you put your own time and money into your cases and then hope to get paid down the road (if all goes well).
Your Payment is Different
No doubt other practice areas deal with sophisticated litigation, but you deal with cases that are uniquely complex to the personal injury arena. You are often tasked with managing multiple plaintiffs, defendants, insurance companies, and adjusters; tracking lost wages, health liens, negotiations, and legal billing requests; interpreting insurance policies with different limits, liability, and coverage.
Your Deadlines are Different
The personal injury practice area should have its time zone because it runs on a distinct schedule—complete with its own rules, procedures, statutes of limitation, negotiation requirements, necessary document filings, and more— in fact, you probably have a deadline approaching right now.
Your Community is Different
All practice areas have their professional network and the same holds for personal injury attorneys. The personal injury community is full of lawyers with specialties and sub-specialties and can be a great source of knowledge and referrals
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Market Opportunity
High Demand
Personal injuries occur frequently, whether because of accidents, workplace incidents, medical malpractice, or other unfortunate events. According to the United States Courts, for the fiscal year 2017-2021, the personal injuries rapidly increased from an average of 66,234 cases for the first three years and increased to 259,385 cases in 2020, the highest rate for the fiscal year. Joining EMC allows lawyers to tap into this large and ongoing market.
Access to Clients
If you become a lawyer at EMC, you can gain access to a pool of potential clients who are looking for legal assistance for their personal injury cases. The company is actively conducting marketing strategies and online efforts that help in producing clients and connecting them with qualified lawyers. This simplifies the client acquisition process which will save you time and effort in sourcing your cases.
Simplified Processes
Working with EMC provides lawyers with a concrete framework and simplified processes for handling personal injury cases. EMC takes care of patients' different appointments for consultations, case management, documentation, and other administrative tasks, allowing lawyers to focus primarily on providing legal expertise and representation. In short, the goal of the process is to connect the patients to medical doctors through different appointments until they get better, and the case is demanded.
Establish Professional Connections
Joining EMC exposes lawyers to a network of other professionals in different fields including medical experts and other industry specialists. EMC provides a collaborative environment that offers opportunities for knowledge and personal development as well as professional growth. Building relationships within the company's network can also lead to referrals and new opportunities.
Exposure and Reputation
As you provide your skills and knowledge in lawyering, your association with EMC will provide exposure to you that can lead to a higher volume of cases. You can also gain client referrals from your clients in EMC. Also, the company provides you with a venue to build your reputation. Remember that the best advertisement is a good reputation.
Financial and Well-Being
Establishing your own law office as a lawyer involves various expenses such as office space, furniture and equipment, technology and legal software, staffing costs, marketing and advertising, membership fees, and miscellaneous expenses. The company's resources will help you reduce overhead costs for individual lawyers. Working with EMC will help you lower start-up costs and provide you with a stable income.
As of now, our company has 124 current clients (referral sources) that are all satisfied with our services. We are always on top of our client's referrals, making sure that you do not miss anything once you let us handle your referrals. Once you avail yourself of our membership, we make sure that we will serve as the injured party’s advocate in the healthcare and legal environments intertwined with the personal injury process. Our management is a professional and collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the options and services required to meet your client's health needs.
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Competitive Landscape
San Diego Injury Network
San Diego Injury Network is dedicated to assisting attorneys, doctors, and patients locate providers who specialize in treating the victims of serious accidents. These providers offer a variety of services—from therapeutic care for “soft tissue” strains to state-of-the-art surgeries for debilitating spinal cord injuries. The company primarily provides marketing services for medical providers. They provide direct access to doctors in their networks.
Injury Institute Medical Network on Liens
Injury Institute Medical Network on Liens offers concierge scheduling with doctors working on a lien basis. They have been operating in the industry for 25 years. Their coordinators help arrange medical appointments for the client. They also provide contact details for doctors who accept liens in California. is a middleman company that connects clients in California with personal injury lawyers who can assist them in seeking compensation for their injuries. They have a network of experienced attorneys in various personal injury practice areas, such as car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall, and workers' compensation.
SoCal Injury Liens
A California-based network of independently owned chiropractic and medical centers that provides med-legal evaluations and treatment of injuries that occur from personal injury accidents or injuries at work. All doctors in their network offer lien-based treatment for personal injuries.
California Injury Lawyer
California Injury Lawyer is a go-to resource for individuals who have been injured due to the negligence or intentional actions of others. They provide information go-to resource for California Injury Law.
At EMC, we aim to excel in this competitive landscape by combining the best practices of our competitors. We provide several services that bridge the gaps from the onset of an accident, patients' consultation with the doctor until they get better, and until the case is demanded. We aim to provide a simplified process that is open to improvement until the patient gets the best interaction. Ultimately, what matters to us is to provide a speedy patient experience with great outcomes.
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Business Model

The EMC is guided by the principles of patient-centered, compassion, quality care, innovation, integrity, teamwork, and accountability. We believe that these core values are vital in taking care of our growing family.

Our strategic roadmap ensures high-standard services and treatments. We are a concierge personal injury management company that is very hands-on with our patients, providers, and law firms to ensure everyone has a great experience.

As part of the EMC’s value proposition, the goal is to cater the best support and experience to both patients and law firms. At EMC, we deliver services that help law firms offer a seamless experience to clients. Thus, we are excited to work with experienced and well-versed lawyers who are looking to expand their practice, increase client acquisition, or access a specialized network of clients seeking legal representation for personal injury cases.
"Elite Medical is what our personal injury community has been missing. They have great medical providers that really care to treat injured patients in need. Leslye goes above and beyond to make sure clients get an appointment right away and will follow up to make sure you have the Doctor recommendations after their visit. Reports will be sent to you immediately. She really cares in helping the injured clients needs. I am happy to refer our clients to Elite Medical Care as I know my clients will be taken care of like family. Thank you Elite Medical Care for taking care of our clients."
Eric Heath
Simon Law Group

Team and Resources

Inspired by her experience in managing surgical centers, Ms. Leslye Chapman started the EMCThe founder and the COO together with the CEO Travis Chapman believe that patients deserve a greater degree of care that does not stop at surgical centers but also in their whole journey as personal injury patients. The EMC would be more than happy to welcome you to become a part of the family to help us people who are injured along their journey.

Travis Chapman


Leslye Chapman



Contact us today to learn more about how you can join EMC and be part of our family. Let us work together as advocates for personal injury cases in the medical and legal industry!

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